The Mission of our Sound of a Warrior Prayer Call Ministry 

>To Help believers build a greater relationship with God by effective communication through prayer:

>To teach, train & equip the body of Christ of the art of warfare by counterattacking

satanic attacks, wiles and schemes of the enemy through spiritual warfare. 

>To encourage Kingdom citizens to stand in their authority by teaching the effectiveness and

power of decreeing and declaring the Word of God through prayer.


The Sound of A Warrior prayer call was established in March of 2009 by the director Robbie Cade who was compelled to create an interactive prayer call with leaders across the globe as they intercede and labor in prayer regarding local, personal and global issues.  With Bishop Robert & Dr. Betty Cade serving as overseers of this dynamic outreach ministry, a branch of Word of Faith A.W.C, this prayer call has sparked a fire for believers of God to pray without ceasing.  From the establishment of the call, there has been intensified prayer & intercession, powerful teachings, angelic praise & worship and countless moves of God on every call.  The Sound of A Warrior prayer call has allowed valuable divine connections & global networks to be developed and formed that have been instrumental in the lives of all callers, participants and the prayer call TEAM.  Throughout Robbie’s journey in ministry over the years, Robbie has encountered several anointed and powerful men and women of God who were highly qualified and equipped by God, yet being chosen by God to fulfill such a needful call as they joined Robbie in this amazing Prayer Movement for Warriors.  By sending out weekly text messages as reminders to friends, co-workers, family, church members and associates of the importance of prayer and encouraging them to tune in to the call, a simple message has increased caller participation rapidly each week.  Currently, Sound of A Warrior is regularly scheduled every 2nd and 4th Tuesday night at 10:00 p.m. central standard time.



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